True North Far East (TNFE) was created in 2019 during the Huawei fiasco which soured China-Canada relations. TNFE is envisioned as a one-stop shop for stories about how Canada and China are influencing each other. We noticed a dearth of outlets focusing on this relationship, with most websites only touching on Canada-China ties in passing. As a result, we decided to fill this gap by providing Canadians (and everyone else) with a dedicated, in-depth platform on which to chronicle this relationship.

Jeremy Luedi is a freelance writer and the editor of True North Far East. He lives in Halifax and have been writing about China since 2014. Jeremy’s writing has appeared in: The Japan Times, Courrier International, Business Insider, Huffington Post, The Diplomat, Asia Times, Nasdaq.com, Yahoo Finance, and Seeking Alpha, among others.

His work has been translated into Japanese, Chinese, and French and he has been interviewed by Radio Free Europe, OZY and the Financial Sense podcast. His writing has been quoted by TIME, Le Monde, The Washington Times, and News.com.au

He holds a B.A in Political Science and History from the University of Western Ontario.

For a more in-depth view of Jeremy’s writing, please visit his portfolio site.


Q: Why should I read your work on China?

A: I have been writing about China and Chinese foreign policy since my time in university. Alongside studying East Asian history and politics in general, and China in particular, my work on China has been published in both print and digital media outlets. I have compiled here a list of my articles on China should you wish to learn more about China and/or take a look at my writing background for yourself.

Q: Who do you work for? Are you associated with any interest groups?

I am not affiliated with any Chinese or Canadian government agency, think tank, political party or civil society organization. I am a freelance writer who strives to provide balanced reporting on a range of topics relating to Canada-China relations. If any future associations are established, they will be disclosed here.